Saturday, July 6, 2013

Typical articles I read

Example of a Slate article: "Actually, shooting kids in the face is great for them, and you're a terrible parent for not already doing it."
Example of a New York Review of Books article: "We need Trollope now"
Example of an Atlantic Monthly Article: "China!"
Example of a New York Time Article: "When the fromagerie is not fine enough"
Example of a Weekly Standard Article: "Soylent Green is Republicans!"
Example of a Harpers Article: "The World is Ending; also, Dostoevsky"
Example of a Mother Jones Article: "A Day in the Life of the Guys Who Punch Republicans in the kidneys because those same Republicans also punch people in the kidneys, and started it"
Example of a New York Magazine Article: "Is a Paris Timeshare Good for Kids?"
Example of a New Yorker Article: "Malcolm Gladwell on the economics of shaving"
Example of a Vanity Fair Article: "Holy Shit Guys, This Celebrity is So Awesome to Eat a Cheeseburger With"
Example of a Nation Article: "The World is Ending; also, Naomi Klein"
Example of a Cosmo Article: "Stop hurting your eyes and have sex with your man already"
Example of a GQ Article: "No, You're the Most Handsome Man! Stop! Stop! No, You!"
Example of a Economist Article: "If only Antarctica had Free Trade"

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